New Visual Narratives With Michael Amofah

Ghanaian-American visual artist and photographer Michael Amofah captures the “everyday lifestyles” of black bodies against vibrant, colorful backgrounds.

Using symbols deeply entrenched in black consciousness such as the Afro comb, Amofah’s images can be read as a celebration of African American status. His portfolio is unflinchingly vibrant, bright and full of life. Though his subjects pose in directed stances, rather than feeling staged or still, Amofah’s images appear to capture a moment. An adventurous spirit permeates his images — felt most strongly in the photos of a man trekking over desert plains, wearing a helmet and running shorts.

Working predominantly with primary colors, the artist is able to navigate and narrate new stories, adding atmosphere and depth to his portraits. His photos also attempt to undo racial stereotypes, presenting black men posing with flower crowns or playfully pictured with balloons. Ultimately, Amofah’s work contributes to the growing number of black artists seeking to address issues around representation of the African body and to create modern stories around his subjects.

All images © Michael Amofah

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