Nomadic Life By Gerardo Osio

“Nomadic Life” is a series of transportable objects, inspired by Japanese culture and traditional crafts that can be taken from one place to another, making it easy to create a familiar space anywhere. Developed by Gerardo Osio, each object is handmade from natural materials, like copper, wood, leather, straw, cotton, and stone, and were created in collaboration with six different Japanese traditional craft workshops in Kyoto, Fukui, and Okayama. Nomadic Life comprises the wooden box named Hako, including Goza, a mat made from igusa straws with traditional tatami weaving, as well as the Japanese cotton cushion named Zafu. Besides, the box provides a candle holder, inspired by Shinto religion and a flower vase, both titled Kami. The Copper tableware is made with japanese traditional metal hammering and polished by hand, changing its color as it gets older. The project looks at Japanese culture, particularly their most popular religions Buddhism and Shinto, focusing on nomadic lifestyle by bringing their simplicity, practicability and essence of their two main religious philosophies to these contemporary living phenomena.

All images © Gerardo Osio

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