On The Road In Austria

Beyond the wide boulevards and Baroque architecture of Vienna, and on the other side of the cobblestone streets of Salzburg, Austria opens into an idyllic assemblage of greens and blues.

For Austria: The Art Of Discovery, we took to the road to explore the wild beauty of this country—its lakes, and its landscapes captured through the lens of local photographer Daniel Gebhart de Koekkoek. Driving from Lunz am See, a town that sits framed by the rolling hills of Mostviertel and beside the crystal waters of Lake Lunz, we traveled to Höllental—a name which translates directly to mean hell’s valley, a misnomer if ever there was one. This picturesque valley carves its way between the limestone massifs of Rax and Schneeberg, a river of emerald water direct from the Alps runs fast at its center. From Höllental, our journey continued east, meandering through the countryside to Rax where we found further forests and waters to explore. Here, where monumental mountains edge on water, and limestone cliff-faces stand peppered with pines, nothing feels more liberating than a deep dive beneath the lake’s silky skin and a local meal that is guaranteed to both fill and warm you.

This feature is part of the collaboration between Tourism Board Austria and IGNANT, produced for The Art Of Discovery campaign. The Art of Discovery campaign involved four artists traveling around Austria together—by doing this, they rediscovered their country and gained inspiration for further creative endeavors. Their adventures have come together in a film about Austria that you can see here.

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