On The Road With Jesse Salto

The titillating frisson and liberating eroticism of French photographer Jesse Salto’s pictures paint a compelling picture of life on the road in an emancipated California.

Traversing great plains of open road, the depths of Lake Mead and the rivers in Colorado, Salto unearths a subculture where individuals sunbathe naked, stand on roadsides barefoot and enjoy raucous trailer journeys as the sun sets. His subjects are those on the fringes of society; the nonconformists, rebels, and rejects. His candid eye captures a community in its naked state, without eroticizing or fetishizing. Much of Salto’s work concentrates on the body — primal relationships between body and earth, body and sex and body and movement. What makes his images most alluring is their reminder of the inherently voyeuristic nature of the camera. Scopophilic, almost prurient pleasure is derived as one questions their relationship to the material, contemplating whether they see any of themselves in Salto’s free-spirited world.

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