Palm Springs Through Kate Ballis’ Infrared Lens

In ‘Infra Realism’, Melbourne-based photographer Kate Ballis reimagines the iconic Palm Springs landscape, producing hyper-saturated images that exude otherworldliness.

Having already photographed the modernist architecture, vintage cars and immaculate landscaping universally associated with Palm Springs, Kate wanted to show the city in a different light — specifically, an infrared one. Using various infrared filters with a Sony Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera, Kate depicts the city as a series of surreal dreamscapes. Textures of the lush foliage that once blended into the desert landscape are now illuminated in a vibrant blue, beautifully contrasted against the rich magenta sky. A selection of the city’s most iconic locations; the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, the Palm Springs Tennis Club and the Parker hotel, all which have been photographed countless times, are reimagined — swapping pastel hues for intense color contrasts.

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