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‘Hopscotch’, the ongoing series from Oslo-based photographer Pau Buscató, seeks to capture the world through a prism of imagination and play.

The title of the series is self-referential: the patterns thrown by the photographs that make up ‘Hopscotch’ are designed to reconfigure reality in the manner of childhood games. “As we grow into adulthood we tend to lose our sense of play,” explains Pau. “We build walls to appear stronger, more serious, more adult, and so we leave behind the part of us that… turned our backyard into wonderland and that tree into a fortress.” This childlike vision is the premise behind ‘Hopscotch’: “It’s a process of transformation in which they elevate the ordinary into the imaginary through a simple and innocent idea… A similar process takes place in my photography.” Pau’s playful view of the world is evident in the series: they are candid, humor-filled and bursting with life.

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