Paula Prats Follows The ‘Still Lights’ In Iceland

Combining monumental landscapes with conceptual images of the nature, Paula Prats has turned her lens to Iceland in 2012, which resulted in a series of poetic and striking photographs from the North.

“These images try to transmit the mystery of the unstable presence of the sun and the impact of its absence.”
Called ‘Still Light‘, the series explores the light in Iceland through both personal and foreign perspective. In 2012, Prats received a grant to work at the … in Reykjavik, which introduced her to new ways of perceiving the nature and the way it affects the people. The amount of daylight in the northern latitudes changes everyday, growing gradually until it reaches its peak in the summertime with the Polar Day and goes down til the Polar Night in the winter. Naturally, the changing condition of the lighting affects the landscape and the people, and it affected the Spanish photographer. “All the disconcerting feelings that the experience of this new perception of light produces on you are expressed through these images that try to transmit the mystery of the unknown, the unstable presence of the sun and the impact of its absence,” says Prats.

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