Peek Through The Gaps In Alberto Selvestrel’s Photographs

Inspired by legendary American photographer Joel Meyerowitz, Italian photographer Alberto Selvestrel‘s series ‘Images’ is a landscape snooper’s paradise.

With a keen eye for the places and spaces that exist beyond the frontier, or to be more accurate, behind a pane of glass, photographer Selvestrel assumes the role of photographic voyeur. Through his deft telescopic vision, he captures homes peering over hilltops, church spires poking up into window frames and fluffy clouds between concrete walls. In the same way that pleasure is derived from being the first to step on a sheet of fresh snow, Selvestrel make the viewer feel as if they are the first to stumble upon the enigmatic locations of his photographs. His series ‘Images’, which recently launched as a coffee table book, is a treasure trove of such clandestine finds.

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