Photographer Drew Vickers Shoots The Spectrum Of Emotion

New York-based Photographer Drew Vickers has an impressive portfolio; one that is as diverse as the lives of his subjects. From striking fashion editorials to portraits of school students and teenage military cadets mid-haircut, Vickers’s personal style is refined, yet not easily characterized.

What is consistent about the photographer’s work is the unearthing of quiet human emotion. Of noteworthy interest are the images taken of young cadets entering the United States Military Academy. Vickers captures the transformation of teenage civilians as they have their heads shaved and are lined up in uniform—the viewer can feel the pride and subtle apprehension emanating from the young patriots. In a not dissimilar way, various emotions can be felt through the photographer’s other works: the happy-go-lucky nature of a grinning cheerleader, the pensive portrait of an elderly mime, and the defeatedness of a suited subject lying face down in the sand, to name a few examples. These images which are often black and white, are combined with delicate floristry shots and other styled fashion editorials, proving that Vickers can move between genres easily.

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