‘Plage Isolée’ By Raul Guillermo

Raul Guillermo is a Peruvian documentary and fine art photographer, currently living in Paris. In his series ‘Plage Isolée’, Guillermo captures the loneliness and charm of isolated beaches and resort towns, presenting a less seen view of the Northern French coast.

The series appears as a continuation of Guillermo’s usual photographic style, characterised by a single or simple long-shot focus, usually centralised within the frame. Through this, Guillermo is able to present an air of restfulness and an endearing quality in otherwise commonplace locations. He offers the impression that he is savouring these hours of freedom and solitude, accompanied only by his camera and the occasional passer-by. Often, the photographer will invite subtle humorous elements into the frame–a spray-painted smiley face sits on a rock, and a house number of thirteen hides in the shadow of a balcony. By encouraging a viewer to notice these details of interest in isolated landscapes, Guillermo displays the beauty in wandering, alone but not lonely.

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