Polish Photographer Ezo Oneir Leads Us Into A Universe Through Surreal Creations Inspired By The Slavic Myths And Legends

I invite you to discover the work of the Polish photographer Ezo Oneir, who leads us into a universe through surreal creations. Ezo uses inspiration from other worlds and dimensions. She offers us beautiful pictures, featuring her models in dark esoteric and oneiric compositions.

In 1995 pursuing her passion Ezo Oneir began education in technical institute for photographers. She achieved success at local and nationwide photographic exhibitions.

Due to tough local market but mainly being under the social pressure conveying „you will not earn your living with art” she left the artistic activity behind for several years to develop professionally in other fields. Within a few years she got tangled into the rapids of corporate career. She became the director of a bank branch and sales manager in one of the insurance companies. For few years she unknowingly copied the pattern of generation X- the generation of searchers, lost in the chaos of modern times.

However, the universe didn’t let Ezo silence her heart entirely. During few years of the career involving the highest position she had more and more serious episodes of depression. Whenever she was ill she was hiding in her own world, on many occasions changing the circle of people surrounding her after the illness.

Spiritual development allowed her to find courage and follow her own way. With her friend Marek she planned an artistic project together. However, from the very beginning, its development was blocked by then impossible to understand sequence of events. In December 2013 Marek died at the age of only 30. Ezo was mourning but supported by an amazing power she began to create. She completed graphic studies at University of Łódź and experimented with photographic reality.

At the end of 2015 – during another episode of depression-overnight she broke out of the corporate pattern. She knew that only persuing the artistic way could save her from illness which was nothing else but sign of lack of realization of her artistic calling.

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