Primitif At Studio Twenty Seven

Comprising of a table, chair, stool, wall light, paperweight, bench, side table, coffee table, jars, the two designers have created a collection that is a “tribute to fabulous UK architectural site of Stonehenge.” All the pieces come in the same beige colored stone which is sourced in Pietra di Medici, Italy. The designs all follow a similar shape and aesthetic too, appearing chunky and squashed, created from monolithic shapes. According to Studio Twenty Seven, the collection “…is the expression of a minimal discussion drawn by two French designers inspired by timeless lines and functions”. The limited edition Primitif collection includes a stretched out oval shaped lamp that emits light from its hollowed middle; four cone-shaped forms that can be used as paperweights; and a set of five jars that can be stacked on top of one another to form a totem.

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