Ron Boyd’s Muses

Los Angeles-based fashion and commercial photographer Ron Boyd has an eye for the beauty and elegance of the female body. Often captured nude, Boyd first had to understand that a model being naked in front of him leaves them very vulnerable, learning where to draw the lines between business and personal, and developing to combat different personalities.

In Boyd’s opinion, color has an expiration date which is why many of his photographs are black and white, giving them a timeless touch. Emotion is conveyed differently through the absence of color, while black and white creates an ageless feel. Before Boyd starts shooting with his models, he always goes straight to their Instagram account, looking how they present themselves in the social media. A selfie is a portrait of how the model views herself, so Boyd makes sure that his body of work stays very natural and can mirror the selfie. From close shots to full body shots, Ron Boyd always knows how to put his models in the limelight, creating fashionable editorials.

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