Rooms’ New Collection Celebrates Life On Earth

Georgian-based interior design duo Rooms have used a combination of heavy natural stones and composite materials to create 12 unique handmade furniture pieces, in a marvelous new collection titled ‘Life On Earth’.

According to Nata Janberidze and Keti Toloraia, founders of Tbilisi-based Rooms, the pieces take cues from different aspects of their childhood experience growing up in Georgia. Elements of the furniture are inspired by the brutalist embellishments of Soviet architecture, and each piece has been crafted as such that the result is a set of 12 one-of-a-kind sculptures. The collection includes a Homestone coffee table and two side tables that double as stools, a graffiti-laden stone bench inspired by those found at Soviet bus stops, a limestone staircase-shaped table base with a glass top, and terracotta pedestals and candle holders, amongst other pieces.

The ‘Life On Earth’ Coffee Table plays with basic geometric forms to highlight the art of equilibrium. The elliptical tabletop balances itself on a semi-circular base made of Homestone rock and is extremely durable, not to mention heavy. Unique for its distinct green color and marble-esque golden veins, Homestone is said to carry healing energies. The design studio explains that as Georgian legends have it, the Homestone rock brings luck and success to the people who own it. “These handmade objects are more easily experienced than described”, says the duo. “The idea [with the collection] was to reiterate the fact that nothing really changes. Permanence is a leitmotif that runs through the whole collection”.

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