Routes Of The Mind By Francesca Pozzi

On her travels through Tibet, Nepal and France, Italian photographer Francesca Pozzi captured the vast landscapes of her temporary surroundings. The series is entitled ‘Itinerari della mente’, which translates as ‘Routes of the mind’.

Francesca used her travels as an opportunity to visually comment on the relationship between man and his natural surroundings. Her desire to document ‘Itinerari della mente’ stemmed from the realization that in the future, these landscapes may become inhabited by man and so the experience of them will be forever altered. Francesca explains, “In a fast and confusing reality like ours, it is difficult to stop and admire what it is, and to remember what it was.” As such, the photo-essay attempts to represent both sides.  This seemingly tranquil documentation of unaffected scenery in a pastel-hued palette contains subtly signs of man, which pull focus from the striking backdrops due to their seemingly abstract placement and artificial coloring. These details provoke a deeper reading into the effect of man on the natural world and foreshadow the potential future of these untouched landscapes. Despite differences, the entire series is conceptually linked by a vastness that invites observers to immerse themselves in the captured landscapes.

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