Rozenn Le Gall’s Poised ’70s Collage Art

French visual artist Rozenn Le Gall creates layered abstract collages, predominantly of the female form.

The Lyon-based artist is self-taught and has a penchant for assemblage: enjoying the smooth texture of magazines, the stiffness of cardboard, and the peculiar smell of old paper. Le Gall’s collages are self-confident and graceful. Images of dainty hands and feet from ’70s fashion magazines are layered together abstractly with disjointed limbs. The artist uses the recognizable ’70s color palette of warm earth tones and pale blues, with a sporadic color pop of red or orange; further portraying her partiality to the iconic decade. “Female characters, omnipresent in the world of the images, have held a large place in my universe”, explains Le Gall. “When I stick a washing machine’s window on a woman’s body, some see a conservative attitude that brings women back to the status of housewives”, she continues. “However, others perceive the active woman, washed out by too many pressure in her life!”

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