Russian Photographer Uses Facial Recognition To Find People He Snaps On Subway, The Results Are Pretty Scary

Your Face is Big Data,” is an impressive and slightly disturbing project by Russian photographer Egor Tsvetkov. To demonstrate how far off the face recognition software has come he took photos of around 100 complete strangers among the subway commuters in St Petersburg during the six weeks period and then put their portraits through the facial recognition app called FindFace to track down their internet profiles.

Egor used open source software to scan the 55 million plus users of Vkontakte, Russia’s biggest social network, and despite some of his photographs having little resemblance to their online pictures, Egor was able to find around 70% of the people he snapped. “My project is a clear illustration of the future that awaits us if we continue to disclose as much about ourselves on the internet as we do now,” he said. What do you think, creepy or cool? (h/t)





















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