Salva López Captures The Castells Of Santa Tecla

In ‘La caiguda de l’Áliga’ (Flight of the Eagle), Barcelona-based photographer Salva López documents Festes de Santa Tecla, a traditional festival in Tarragona, Catalonia that dates back to the 12th-century.

Santa Tecla, for whom the festival is named, was a saint of the early Christian Church and is the town of Tarragona’s patron saint. Within a contemporary context, the celebrations are less religiously based and more tied to popular culture. The lively 10-day festival brings castells (human castles) to the center of the city. Teams of castellers stand upon each other’s shoulders, forming gargantuan human pyramids topped by children. Of an evening, amongst local traditional festivities, the streets echo with fireworks and music. Lopez spent three days documenting the uproarious fun, and towering castells of Tarragona in festival season.

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