Santorini Holiday Homes By Kapsimalis Architects

In the traditional Greek village of Firostefani, Santorini-based Kapsimalis Architects have transformed two cave houses into a luxury holiday retreat.

The neighboring holiday homes, each with layered pools and an outdoor area that can be shared or made private, have been designed in a manner that integrates them with the volcanic landscape. While the homes follow the cubist architecture forms common to the region, Kapsimalis Architects have implemented contrasting features of the interior design. The left house, a 110 square meter plot, presents a minimal, sculptural space that blends sharp lines with smooth curves. This residence has been coloured with earthy tones, gradually becoming darker through each room away from the coast-facing outdoor area. A smaller site of 70 square meters has been used for the second house, which has been renovated into a futuristic space of metal finishings and grey fabrics. A rectangular skylight provides the bottom of a pool, allowing natural light refracting through the water to fill the room, and a tinted mirror lines an interior wall, constructed with coloured lights that create optical illusions.

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