Schenk Hattori Design A Family Home In Niigata, Japan

Set in the grounds of an existing property, this detailed wood-home in Niigata, Japan has been designed to fulfill the needs of several generations of the same family.

Antwerp-based Architecture firm Schenk Hattori was enlisted by the family to reimagine the space in a way that was sensitive to its surroundings and to accommodate their multi-generational needs. The result is a minimalist, contemporary home that utilizes wood throughout the interior in a way that honors tradition. Dark on the outside, and soft and light on the interior; light wood panels are contrasted against paper shoji in the bedrooms, and the living spaces are connected by hallways clad entirely in warm, dark wood. The spaces are joined in a way that is reminiscent of the traditional shoji sliding system, allowing living spaces to merge with one another and the outdoors.

All images © Kohga Tamamura

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