Sculpted Marble Trays For The Home, Inspired By Accidents And Imperfection

Lopez’s style philosophy derives from not just design, but art, “implying that objects are designed primarily on the basis of their meaning and affects, as opposed to their form and functionality,” explains the design house. The ‘Mistake Trays’ are an example of this: a minimalist piece designed to act as a small centerpiece for the home—and evidently, as an ashtray if required. Made in Italy from natural Nero Marquiña and Statuario marble, the three variations feature two halves that appear to be matched inaccurately. The mismatching has resulted in new and irregular shapes, showing that mistakes have the potential for novel prospects. “It is a societal characteristic of our times to desist mistakes, and only find value in perfection. As a consequence, we are often inclined to use methodologies that guarantee predictable results,” explains the design house. “What has been considered to be a mistake has the potential to reveal new possibilities that can break the order of things, and become the ingredient for creating something new.”

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