Seaside House By Shinichi Ogawa & Associates

Designed by Shinichi Ogawa & Associates, an architectural studio based in Hiroshima, the Seaside House initiates a relationship with its direct view of the Pacific Ocean.

Incorporating a series of architectural tensions, Shinichi Ogawa & Associates have designed the Seaside House to present a northern and southern facade with contrasting values. The Kanagawa-based residence has a white-painted northern side that faces the street, and with no openings or windows, a private environment is created for the family living in the house. The southern side features large panoramic windows and an infinity pool, which appears to extend right into the Pacific Ocean, overlooked by the property. A spiral staircase joins the levels of the two storey house from the point of an open plan, double-height foyer. Shinichi Ogawa & Associates have created an interior space that adopts a parallel and linear layout format, with each room presented its own view of the ocean from the Shichirigahama Coast.

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