Shane Lavalette’s Ode To The American South

In the monograph ‘One Sun, One Shadow’, Shane Lavalette recalls his relationship with the American South and its musical heritage. His photographs are an extension of the series displayed in the earlier exhibition ‘Picturing the South’ at the High Museum of Art, in Atlanta.

The photographer’s memories of the South are primarily associated with music and sounds of a bygone era. Acting as an examination of beautified melancholia, ‘One Sun, One Shadow’ documents not just people and places, but also music. The serene images seize the stillness of city streets, bars and nature while showing the pensive portraits of Southerns going about their daily lives. With his personal chronicle, Lavalette gives the vague old-school nostalgia to this musically rich area. Describing the photographer’s first monograph, the artist and poet Tim Davis writes, “They are quiet pictures that build to a boisterous whole. They speak from the endlessly renewed place of the photographic expeditioner who loves the world and knows it’s a well that never runs dry.”

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