‘Sluice Point’ House By Omar Gandhi

The ‘Sluice Point’ house sits on the southern tip of Nova Scotia, a maritime province of eastern Canada. Designed by architect Omar Gandhi, the house is one of a handful of residences dotted along the coastline.

Mindful to respect the sparse architecture present in the landscape, Gandhi and his team implemented natural and raw materials in the construction of Sluice Point, including locally sourced eastern white cedar wood cladding and concrete. Built to provide a rural retreat for a Swiss family, the house takes formal inspiration from Acadian salt water haystacks, presenting a blue-grey semicircular volume that sits in harmony with its natural surroundings. The interior is characterised by openness and versatility, which leaves it free from distracting the outside view, seen through panoramic glass panel doors. In the main living area, a number of flexible elements have been installed, including a suspended rotating fireplace and sliding partition panels. Other rooms such as bedrooms and bathrooms sit in the ‘wings’ of the semicircle structure, all of which are finished with cladding of local clear spruce and birch millwork.

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