Soba By Stefan Diez For Japan Creative

‘Soba’ is a collection of bamboo trestles and benches, developed in a collaboration between industrial designer Stefan Diez and bamboo manufacturer Taketora, for Japan Creative. Soba collection sets a great example of an innovative approach to the reinterpretation of traditional material and craftsmanship.

“Soba explores and experiments with bamboo in its natural state.”
German designer Stefan Diez developed the Soba Collection in 2015, in a collaboration with the Kochi-based artisan Yoshihiro Yamagishi of Taketora. The collection was made as a part of Japan Creative, an initiative that has been collaborating together with international designers and local artisans to create contemporary and unique designs with reference to the traditional Japanese techniques. Easy transported and assembled, Soba tabletop trestles and bench are made from untreated bamboo canes, fastened by thin ropes. As a material, bamboo is light, but sturdy, and valuable for many generations of Japanese craftsmen because of its technical and practical reasons. “Soba explores and experiments with bamboo in its natural state,” says Diez about his noteworthy design that is a result of the profound research, eco-conscious approach, dedicated collaboration and good craftsmanship.

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