SPBR’s Weekend House In São Paulo

To save a client couple from the hour long journey of traffic jams to the Brazilian coast, São Paulo-based architectural studio SPBR constructed them a weekend home in the city, complete with a swimming pool, indoor garden and solarium.

Founded by Angelo Bucci in 2003, SPBR create buildings that “reflect critical thinking on aspects of modern architecture.” Bucci and his team designed this São Paulo weekend house as a dialogue with its surroundings, elevating the property to take “The metropolis becomes a possible place to be and enjoy the weekends”the height of 6m as ground level, which is the maximum height allowed by the region’s legislation. From this point, the house receives maximum sunlight, providing the ideal platform for the swimming pool. This also creates a structural counterweight to the solarium, and sits above the middle level used as an apartment space. The ground floor presents a striking garden area, with innumerable varieties of plants and foliage, water features and large sliding doors that offer a partition for the kitchen. In regards to the residence’s innovative approach to design, Bucci explains: “This building and its program differ from the focus of traditional architectural designs in two ways: the metropolis becomes a possible place to be and enjoy the weekends, and elements generally considered secondary in a house become the main.”

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