Stine Mikkelsen’s Sculpted Monochrome Designs Are Obscure And Minimal

Having graduated with a masters in textile design from the Kolding School of Design in Denmark, Mikkelsen has since created collections of sculpted objects that include lighting, stools, plant holders, and other objects with ambiguous functions. Mikkelsen says this is to “challenge the boundaries for how we understand textile and product design today”. Her foray into designing such pieces began through experimenting with unusual materials such as crushed granite, melted tin, and torched rope. Mikkelsen combines the granite, which she crumbles by hand, with fish glue and leaves the composite in moulds to set. The smooth finish on the stool and lamp was achieved by sanding down the granite. ‘The Art of Sitting’ is a multifaceted chair inspired by a quote by Gunnar Aagaard Andersen: “To be able to sit well, one must be able to sit differently”. Derived from a three-dimensional cube, the chair explores the dozens of different ways one can sit on, and interact with, a chair.

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