Studio Brasch’s 3D Rendered Artworks Are Visual Delights

Studio Brasch, the visionary Swedish creative studio headed by art director Anders Brasch-Willumsen, makes scintillatingly beautiful images.

Studio Brasch has previously created a series of digital images inspired by Mono-ha, the Japanese art movement that combines natural and industrial materials. The company’s more recent work includes abstract, iridescent 3D renderings that “are both simple and complex”. Using hyper-realistic colours such as blinding golds and shimmering pearls, the studio create images that have a narrative and evoke a strong response from the viewer. Whether it be the window flooded with a thick orangey substance or the lone rock standing in a desolate sci-fi world, Studio Brasch make sure that their images push the boundaries of modern advertising.

In a world where more than 8.95 million photos and videos are uploaded to Instagram per day, it’s rare to find work that actually makes you stop scrolling. Brasch’s work does just that. Aware of the difficulties advertisers have in capturing the short attention spans of contemporary audiences, Studio Brasch creates work that plays on the human desire to connect and identify with an image.

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