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What started out as a Roman cardinal’s personal gallery in the 14th Century has undergone several transformations, most recently by Italian architecture firm Supervoid in 2017. The studio has renovated it into a modern apartment called ‘Palazzo Doria Pamphilj’.

Positioned along one of Rome’s most historic streets, the Via del Corso, ‘Palazzo Doria Pamphilj’ is a minimal retreat in this picturesque area of the capital. After being passed through five different hands over four centuries, the home-cum-gallery has been renovated into a sleek, blue themed home. A set of newly built apartments have been joined to the gallery space via a grand staircase and a monumental vestibule, giving a sense of cohesion and fluidity to what was otherwise a rather disjointed building.

In keeping with the building’s traditional function, the architects stripped the apartment of any stylistic or “trivial” features. The result is an interior that is covered with white surfaces, and soft, diffused lighting with navy tiling and livid-colored doors. Light also filters through the translucent white arched roof, helping the home to feel spacious despite the low ceilings.
Dotted around the home, the client’s collection of sculptures and paintings can be seen, including the famous ‘Portrait of Innocence’ by Diego Velázquez.

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