Symbiosis By Noora-Maija Tokee

Born in Juupajoki, Finland, photographer Noora-Maija Tokee explores the symbiosis and the boundaries between man and nature for her artwork.

For her latest series titled “The forest answers in the same way one shouts at in” the photographer captured partly nude bodies placed in the midst of woods. Through her pictures, Tokke wants to tell the beholder a story about the Finnish nature found in forests. The significance of the series lies in the voice of the forest and our response to it. Woods can be scary, comforting, magical and powerful at the same time. The photographs provoke a mix between reality and dreams, reflecting the relationship between man and nature. In Tokee’s appreciation, human autonomy and freedom are a part of nature, but also the awareness of and adherence to the environment, the future of which is no longer so certain.

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