Tacheles Reopens Its Doors For A Visually Stimulating Cinematic Experience

For decades, the monumental cultural complex and art space has existed as a place where the culture and collective understanding of Berlin was shaped. A recognized historical landmark, Tacheles—named so after a Yiddish word meaning “to reveal”—was the hub of the free-for-all culture that blossomed in the reunified city after the Fall of the Wall in 1989. The venue became a symbol of the city’s transformation up until its closure in 2012. Today, the site is currently being redesigned as a cultural centre and vibrant neighborhood—combining homes, workspaces, retail, art, and culture.

As a new chapter of the former cultural powerhouse is being written, Tacheles reopens its doors; bringing yesterday’s nostalgia into the landscape of a very different present. Presenting Berlin’s bohemian period as less distant than its time, the project AM TACHELES has created a visually stimulating experience for the Berlinale public. A lounge during the day, and a pop-cinema at night, audiences are invited to enter the space and immerse themselves in memorable cinematic moments, both on and off screen, and share in the emotion of witnessing one of Berlin-Mitte’s creative hubs in transition. The four-evening event opens each night with the short film ‘Tacheles’, created under the direction of Olaf Heine, with actor Thomas Kretschmann in the leading role, followed by one of four surprise films that all shed light on Berlin as a cultural haven. ‘Tacheles’ is an exclusive insight into a striking chapter of Berlin’s history through Kretschmann’s own memories and thoughts, as well as a cinematic tour of the former art center; bridging its past and future. The evocative footage frames Kunsthaus Tacheles as a symbol of escape and destruction, but also of hope and new beginnings—its poetic script and rich imagery portrays a story of unity, one that feels more important now than ever. The event will run from February 24th to 27th during the Berlinale Festival. Tickets for the pop-up cinema can only be won in the draws being held by Sleek, radioeins and FluxFM. For more information click here.

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