The Binh House In Vietnam By VTN Architects

With the architecture project ‘Binh House’ Vo Trong Nghia Architects (VTN Architects) take up the challenge of creating a green oasis in the dense neighborhood of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Using sustainable materials such as natural stone, wood and exposed concrete aims to go easy on resources.

The vertically stacked building houses a family consisting of three generations. So the architects wanted to create a dwelling that offers retreats and privacy as well as room for interaction and togetherness. The residence is part of VTN’s series named ‘House for Trees’. As the urbanization of Vietnamese cities forges ahead, nature is being more and more pushed back. To counter this movement the architects focus on incorporating tropical gardens and other greens in the building. Various courtyards are loaded with plants and open up to the spacious open living area, dining room, bedrooms and a study space. Glass walls allow daylight to suffuse each room and concrete facades improve the microclimate by providing natural air supply. A dreamy roof garden helps the Binh House make an impression.

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