The Bizarre And Brilliant Renderings Of Moodles

Appropriately entitled ‘Moodles’, the short animation by Boston-based artist and designer Ari Weinkle presents an abstract interpretation of the personal effects of negative emotions. Initially paralyzed by moods, the figures collapse, implode and morph into unrecognisable masses, making for both satisfying yet uncomfortable viewing.

Universally experienced emotions of stress, exhaustion, tension and anxiety are personified through unidentifiable beings which bizarrely adds a relatable quality to Ari’s animations. Highly skilled in the artificial rendering of realistic audio and visual textures, the soundtrack paired with the visual stimuli creates for an intense and captivating performance. The audio triggers narrate the downfall of each emotion, adding to the hair-raising quality of each short clip. ‘Moodles’ was created using Cinema 4D and After Effects for visuals and Ableton Live for audio. Bursting with juxtapositions between color and form, Ari describes his body of work as “mostly experimental, often digital and usually weird.” He draws inspiration from Japanese aesthetics, surrealism, philosophy and abstract painting.

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