The Colorful Universe Of Will Sanders

In a world recently dominated more and more by grayness and pessimism, photographer Will Sanders proves that it’s possible to find a color on every corner.

Working as a fashion and editorial photographer, Sanders dedicated himself to the personal project centered around the theme of color. London-based photographer was strolling around the streets to find the right compositions, landscapes and – most importantly – people that caught his eye. Often captured in dynamic, sometimes even bizarre situations, the people and objects in Sanders’ ‘Full Color‘ seem to be a little bit surreal, showing that the everyday life can be as attractive as the world of fantasy. To make his dream come true and publish the series as a book, Sanders started a Kickstarter campaign and managed to reach the financial goal in less than three weeks. The book, officially launched on March 16th 2017 in London, was printed in four color versions and even delivered personally to those who ordered it during the campaign.

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