The Haunting Remains By Amaury Da Cunha

A dark and mournful family secret lies behind the narrative of ‘Demeure’, or ‘Remains’ in English, which is the fourth photographic monograph of French photographer and writer, Amaury da Cunha.

The story of ‘Demeure’ is woven together in a disjointed order, however, the viewer is able to discern that something bad has happened. With each image, da Cunha captures the emotion of that moment—be it the grief and mourning of the apparent loss of life, loneliness, desolation, or reconciliation. We come to understand that da Cunha’s brother went missing at some point during the documentation of this 18-year-long series; an event that becomes the metaphoric linchpin of before and after. Black and white images depict cherished moments from the past, and color images (for example, the ominous pile of shrubbery or the deceased frog) make a pointed exposition of the aftermath of what such a tragedy does to a family. This selection of photographs is drawn from a larger body of work recently published as a photo book of the same name, which brings together 46 images taken across a timespan of almost two decades, with accompanying texts that elucidate what happened by French author Sylvie Gracia.

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