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If you are a coffee lover and a admirer of common autos, you could possibly be interested in this quirky gadget that was intended to make your highway trips much more enjoyable. It’s a coffee device that suits on the dashboard of a 1959 Volkswagen Beetle, and it can brew a incredibly hot cup of joe when you travel!


The gadget is referred to as the Hertella-Vehicle Kaffeemaschine, and it was generated and promoted by a German firm identified as Hertella in the late 1950s.

The Kaffeemaschine was a simple device that consisted of a metal container with a heating factor, a filter basket, and a spout. It experienced no on/off change, so it would begin brewing as soon as you plugged it into the car’s cigarette lighter.



The Kaffeemaschine could hold more than enough drinking water for two cups of coffee, which would be dispensed into a porcelain cup that experienced a steel base. The cup would attach magnetically to the Kaffeemaschine, preventing it from spilling or sliding off. The whole approach would just take about 15 minutes, depending on the voltage of the automobile.

The Hertella-Car Kaffeemaschine was not incredibly well known, in all probability mainly because it was not incredibly sensible or protected. Mixing warm h2o with a relocating auto is not the smartest thought at any time, and the gadget could also drain the car’s battery or result in electrical troubles. The Kaffeemaschine was also quite pricey, costing DM65 (Deutschmarks) at the time. To put that into point of view, a new Beetle in 1959 price tag DM3790.


Nowadays, the Hertella-Car Kaffeemaschine is a scarce and sought-following collector’s product, in particular among the VW enthusiasts. There are only a handful of examples remaining in existence, and they can fetch up to $500 on on the internet auctions. If you ever arrive throughout a single of these classic espresso makers, you may well want to give it a test, but only when the automobile is parked!

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