The Intimacy Of Abnormality: The Photography Of Can Dagarslani And Sophie Bogdan

Together, Dagarslani and Bogdan produce compelling photography that celebrates diversity, personality, and the freedom of abnormality. Imbued with a playful intimacy, it’s easy to see how the creative couple influence one another—Dagarslani, a trained architect, and Bogdan, an actress and model, each bring their individuality to the work. The resulting images are simultaneously performative and controlled, exploring themes of identity, love, and the playful representation of human form. Frequently using only natural light, the creative duo often focuses their attention on locations that add to the vibrant color palette. Scale, perspective, color, and shape are all central features to their work, forming a visual language that is distinctly intimate, while remaining undeniably open. The photographic duo has created thoughtful meditations on the importance of finding joy in everyday scenarios, exploring our abnormalities, and above all, celebrating individuality together.

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