The Meta-Process Of Designer James Shaw


Not only does London-based designer James Shaw create his work, he creates the matter from which he creates his work. Via this meta-process of production, Shaw creates furniture pieces that are organic, alien, and — importantly — fun.

For his graduate show at the Royal College of the Arts, he created a series of spray-guns, from which materials could be shot onto furnishings. In an interview with Sight Unseen, Shaw explained that this series was a response to the “machine-making vibe” and the necessity for “spontaneity in manufacture”. His arsenal since graduation has expanded, he now bears a papier-mache weapon and another that launches liquid plastic as if it is toothpaste being squeezed from a tube. Beyond his gun-wielding work, his oeuvre also includes some geological seats inspired by a stint on the volcanic island of Stromboli, pieces designed for a virtual reality experience, and a kitchen made from recycled HDPE plastic.


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