The Military In Retrospect By Gidon Levin

Ukraine-born photographer, Gidon Levin, takes us to the emotional frontline of lived experience in his documentation of military service in Israel.

The series, ‘21 22 23′ Levin writes, refers to his experience as a member of the Paratrooper Brigade. It began as an attempt to halt the haziness of his memories. “These photos were taken after I’d been exposed to the service,” Levin explains. “It gave me a sober look and exposed me to my own self-awareness. These photos seek to recall my experience.” Born in Kiev, Levin’s family immigrated to Israel when he was seven years old. He served as both a fighter and commander with the Paratroopers Brigade from 2002-2005. At first, his series referencing this time feels somber — but the delicate placement of objects in the frame later say otherwise. “From first glance, the photos look innocent,” says Levin. “But if you look carefully, you can feel the sense of belonging and brotherhood. Being strangers once, we’ve become family.”

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