The MINI LIVING – Breathe Installation At Salone Del Mobile

At this year’s Salone del Mobile in Milan, MINI collaborated with New York-based architects SO-IL to present a visionary solution to two of the most pivotal questions of our time.

Responding to both the issues of scarce of living space and the responsible use of resources in an ever more populous world, the MINI LIVING – Breathe installation takes the form of a modular metal frame cladded with a flexible, translucent “outer skin”, creating a living area on a previously unused 50 square meter city plot. Six rooms and a roof garden provide comfortable space for up to three people to relax, work and socialise, offering options for common spaces or enhanced privacy.

“We naturally have our eye on urban living worldwide, on its quality, areas for improvement, and consciousness. MINI LIVING is our initiative to explore solutions, share ideas and gain inspiration to make the best use of limited urban space. The installation ‘Breathe’ at this year’s Salone del Mobile pushes the limits and contributes to sustainable urban living. In a world constantly evolving, why should our homes remain the same?” Oke Hauser, Creative Lead MINI LIVING. The exhibition was attended by Deborah Gordon (of Ollie & Seb’s Haus) and noted photographer Allan Hinton, who have shared their photographs of the innovative installation.

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