The Transformative Power Of Technology: Reinventing The Electric Car

The brand’s forthcoming vehicle, Polestar 2, sees all these features in action, placing smart gestures in the context of high performance. The fastback vehicle runs on a carefully crafted 78 kWh battery that is so slim it fits in the flooring of the car, and is noted for reducing the noise and vibration that is associated with batteries. With this brain of sorts, the car commands dual electric engines that assist in reaching a target driving range of 500 kilometers with easy, steady handling. Small details, like phone-as-key technology, Pixel LED headlights, and the incorporation of the Unica77 typeface, make the Polestar 2 more of a design object than electric car.

What the electric car industry needs is to be leveled: someone who can redesign the playing field for the future. This is what Polestar accomplishes with their cars, and the rest of the industry will need to catch up.

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