The Understated Charm of Jack Johnstone’s Photography

London-based photographer Jack Johnstone borrows elements from architecture, styling and the natural world, to create photography that is at once considered, explorative and alluring.

Johnstone’s style is paired back, relying on subtle colors and textures to perform for themselves. Images vary markedly in their type: he shoots mainly fashion portraiture and still life for editorials, but his penchant for capturing misty, rugged landscapes and incidental moments is certainly not overlooked. A multi-storey ’70s residential house is drenched in pinkish sunset light, whilst a cloudy, melancholy coastline moment is captured at the top of a hill. Panes of colored glass are layered against shadowed body parts, and the pastel corner of a dilapidated building wall is balanced equally by its texture, color and shadow. It’s as if Johnstone’s photography is created almost purely for the viewer’s enjoyment; conveying moments of intimacy and ease.

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