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There is so substantially electrical power in darkness — it’s mysterious, tempting, terrifying. The imagination operates wild when the eyes have minor to maintain onto. And London-dependent artist Zulfi Alarakhia has decided to use that energy in his artwork.

Zulfi is a modern artist with a distinctive design. He employs pastel pencils and charcoal to draw putting pictures. The darks history lets whim to develop the illusion of darkness and shadows, and the dazzling pastels make the emotion of shiny mild. Most of his drawings are of women partly concealed in the darkness, with a concealed supply of gentle casting a dazzling light-weight of components of their body or confront. These mysterious silhouettes stir the creativity – who is this female? Why is she 50 percent-concealed in the shadows?

“I build my portraits in a simple but sensible way but also with an abstract factor, almost as if I were being deconstructing them. I like to portray the ladies I paint as warriors, to present that they are stronger than they imagine. I show there electricity and grace with facial area markings and textures. I want girls to feel empowerment and that demonstrates by way of in my function.”

Sad to say, the artist does not have a internet site, and he earlier deleted his instagram. These are all the functions that I could come across.

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