This Photographer Spent $30 To Create DIY Studio From Kids Pool, And The Photos Are Magical

Who says you need a professional studio to shoot glamorous photos? Certainly not photographer Kyle Braun! Armed with only his camera, a kiddie pool, and some fake flowers, the photographer shot these beautiful portraits of his sister.

The photographer says this photo shoot only cost him under $30 and is a great addition to his portfolio. He had also taken some behind the scenes photos just to show how it all looked from the side. You certainly wouldn’t expect that this seemingly funny scene of a grown woman lying in a kiddy pool would produce such majestic pictures!

Kyle says he used a Nikon D750 camera with a 1.4g lens and a $7 prism off eBay to manipulate some of his photos.

Check out the end result and some behind the scenes photos in the gallery below!

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This photographer proved you don’t need a professional studio to shoot beautiful pictures

He only used a kiddie pool and some fake flowers and spent under $30

To shoot these beautiful photographs

Why pay hundreds or thousands for a studio

When you can create professional looking portraits using simple materials

Kyle proved that a little creativity can go a long way

And the results are stunning

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