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Kateryna Sokolova is a gifted Ukrainian designer who has created a identify for herself building spectacular vases that showcase the malleability of glass. In her “GUTTA” sequence for the Ukrainian design brand NOOM, she channels the wealthy custom of glass-blowing in Ukraine and provides her sculptural vessels the appearance of frozen liquid.

A lot more: Kateryna Sokolova, Behance, Instagram h/t: demilked


In an interview with Demilked, Kateryna unveiled that doing work with glass experienced been a long-held dream of hers. She shared that the content itself instructed the form of her items and changed her preliminary principles. “We experienced a good deal of experiments with the type glass is tough to tame, so every single object is exclusive and has its own initial properties,” she described.


On the lookout at Sokolova’s work, it’s distinct that her experimentation and devotion to the craft have paid off. The vases in the “GUTTA” sequence are truly works of artwork, with their fluid curves and mesmerizing colors capturing the essence of liquid in a way that is both equally striking and wonderful.


Sokolova’s patterns are not only visually beautiful, but they also pay back homage to the wealthy history of glass-blowing in Ukraine. The state has a long tradition of producing wonderful glassware, and Sokolova’s operate proceeds to uphold this legacy although also pushing the boundaries of what is possible with the product.


With each piece getting distinctive and possessing its personal qualities, Sokolova’s vases are really a person-of-a-type. Her get the job done is a testomony to the energy of creativity and experimentation, and a reminder of the natural beauty that can be uncovered in even the most hard resources.


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