Thomas Prior’s Realistic Photography

Brooklyn-based photographer Thomas Prior has shot a range of subjects over the past years, which is why he recently decided to focus on photographing his participants in action. Thomas’s work is instinctively documentary in style, each shot telling a story, following his interest in dangerous recreation and his eye for the offbeat.

Trying to find the absurd or incongruous detail in each situation, Thomas reveals the unexpected beauty and humor in everyday life. Among other projects, the most popular series comprise shots of the community that thrives in Willets Point, New York, a pyrotechnics festival in Mexico as well as marginal communities in Rwanda. The most fascinating thing about his work is that he builds an easy relationship with his subjects, showing an inquisitive interest and passionate enthusiasm for what’s going on around him. Relying almost completely on natural lighting, Prior has a brilliant eye to capture uncanny images in unexpected places. Thoma’s clients include Facebook, Microsoft, Nike, The New York Times and many others.

All images © Thomas Prior

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Written by Peter Thompson


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