Tip-Box Provokes Vertigo In Montpellier’s Mountains

Named Tip-Box, the fictional project by Christophe Benichou was originally conceived for an architect friend turning thirty. Situated at the top of Pic-Saint-Loup, the most emblematic mountain of the Montpellier region, the space is intended to serve as an outpost for contemplation and rest for hikers.

Tumbling over the cliff edge and into the abyss, the minimalist cube offers 360 degree views across the magnificent surroundings, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Cévennes. The east and west side facades are totally blind to ensure a blinker effect whereby the south side and the roof are perforated, allowing to transmit natural light. A lower part of the structure is designed to shelter hikers willing to spend the night at the top. The project highlights the beauty of the Montpellier region and tries to exalt that feeling of vertigo, giving the visitor a thrill in complete safety.

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