Traditional Techniques And Contemporary Ceramics From Nicolette Johnson

Using the traditional technique of clay-throwing, Brisbane-based ceramic artist, Nicolette Johnson, creates one-off sculptural vessels which ooze simplicity and sophistication.

Majoring in the field of photojournalism, Nicolette’s transition to ceramics was inspired by her admiration of the craft. Having collected a vast array of pottery over the years, Nicolette satisfied her fascination by studying ceramics. Here she discovered a talent that lead her down a more tactile path. The clean contours and earthy palette are a direct reflection of nature’s influence on Nicolette’s work, while the shapes of Native American pottery are referenced. Inspired by historic artforms, Nicolette has developed a distinctive aesthetic by combining her traditional inspirations with a love of modernism. Working in a one-person studio beneath her Queensland cottage, each piece is handcrafted, ensuring abnormal intricacies which make each piece unique.

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