Transcendent, Multi-Colored Installations By Quintessenz

German art pair Quintessenz create colourful large-scale installations that brilliantly spurt outwards and downwards; immersing the viewer by blurring the line between the digital and real worlds.

The duo, consisting of Thomas Granseuer and Tomislav Topic, conceptualize the digital image by combining painting and installation to create layered artworks. Their most recent installation was commissioned by Paxos Contemporary Art Project in Kagkatika, Greece. The different tiers of shapes in this piece are made from mesh sheets spray-painted with many color shades, which are then hung off wire rows—creating depth and illusion in the process.

Space is fundamental to Quintessenz’s work. Both have backgrounds in graffiti-culture and chromatics, and draw inspiration from their chosen landscape to inform how the art will actualize. The artists use old buildings as the foundations for their installations, which stand in dramatic contrast to the colored shapes that jut out from them. Their artist statement reveals that color is not just form to them; it becomes the content itself. “[Our work] interferes with its environment, changing the spectators perception (of space)”, explain the duo. In every medium they use, “abstract work shares one thing in common: [our] art makes and creates space for its color.”

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