Tree House Designed By Malan Vorster

Designed by local studio Malan Vorster, this contemporary retreat is located in Cape Town, South Africa, making you feel relegated back to your childhood when you used to play in your tiny tree house in the backyard.

The structure is composed of four cylindrical wooden towers elevated on stilts, each offering large windows that allow the residents wonderful views over the surrounded forest. The architects designed the residence for a client who wanted their hide-away in the Constantia suburb of the South African capital that resembles a tree house of their childhood. Inside, contemporary furnishings fill the spaces, creating a nostalgic escape and a comfortable home at the same time. The main living area occupies the first floor of the house, featuring a patio, a dining alcove and the main staircase. A master bedroom with a glass balustrade is located on the second floor, offering views to the level at the front. The architects left all the materials untreated with the intention that they will weather naturally over time.

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